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Breakthroughs in Hearing Aid Technology and Rehabilitation
Junghak Lee, Kyoung Won Lee
J Audiol Otol. 2008;12(3):145-151.
Suggestions for the Fitting and Management of Pediatric Hearing Aids
Heil Noh, Sang Won Yeo
J Audiol Otol. 2008;12(2):73-80.
A Study on the Benefit of Hearing Aids in Geriatrics with Presbyacusis
Chin Pae Kim, Bin Na Hong, Kyoung Won Lee, Jung Hak Lee
J Audiol Otol. 2006;10(2):116-121.
Effects of Wearing Time on Auditory Acclimatization for Newly Fitted Hearing Aid User with Sensori-neural Hearing Loss
Byung Koo Suk, Kyoung Won Lee, Junghak Lee
J Audiol Otol. 2006;10(2):112-115.
A Study of the Occlusion Effect for Completely-in-the-canal Hearing Aids as a Function of the Vent Length and Residual Volume
Sang Yeon Lee, Kyoung Won Lee, Junghak Lee
J Audiol Otol. 2005;9(2):175-179.
Analysis on the Usage of Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids in Schools of Special Education for the Hearing Impaired Located in Seoul and Incheon Metropolitan Areas
Han Suk Yang, Jung Hwan Song, Jae Joon Oh, Soo Kyeong Lee, Hyun Jung Yoo, You Jung Ki, Yoon Hye Lee, Su Mi Lim
J Audiol Otol. 2005;9(2):156-160.
A Study of the Real Ear to Dial Difference(REDD) and Real Ear to Coupler Difference(RECD) in Normal Adults
Sang Mi Lee, So Hyun Cho, Soo Jin Cho
J Audiol Otol. 2005;9(1):77-82.
Comparison of the Functional Gain Differences in CIC by Canal Length
Ok-Ki Suh, Joong-Wook Shin, Ho-Ki Lee, Myung-Hyun Chung
J Audiol Otol. 2005;9(1):23-28.
Evaluation of Hearing Thresholds in Sound Fields Using Auditory Steady-State Responses for Subjects with Hearing Aids or Cochlear Implants
Mi-Young Bang, Myung-Hyun Chung, Jae-Young Choi, Dukhwan Lim
J Audiol Otol. 2004;8(2):133-138.
Effects of the Vent and Filter of In-The-Canal(ITC) Hearing Aid on the Insertion Gain for the Closed Vowel ""ee""
Min Hee Kim, Jung Hak Lee, Kyoung Won Lee, Chang Gun Cho
J Audiol Otol. 2004;8(2):104-108.
Recent Trends in Hearing Aid Technologies
Kyoung Won Lee, Jung Hak Lee
J Audiol Otol. 2004;8(2):98-103.
Comparison betwwen Coupler Responses and Real Ear Responses of Children and Adults
Hanah Lee, Jung Hak Lee, Hong Joon Park, Seung Chul Lee, Young Myoung Chun, Yong Bok Kim
J Audiol Otol. 2004;8(1):25-31.
A Comparison between 1cc Coupler Gain and Real Ear Aided Gain for Completely-in-the-Canal Hearing Aids in Adults
Mi So Lee, Jung Hak Lee, Jin Sook Kim, Sung Hwa Hong
J Audiol Otol. 2002;6(2):136-141.
Comparison of the Effects of Internal versus External CROS Hearing Aid Fittings
Junghak Lee, Kyoungwon Lee
J Audiol Otol. 2000;4(2):163-169.
Study of Hearing Aid Application with Hearing Aid Assess Meter
Sang Heun Lee, Kikuo Aoki, Tae Hwan Cho, Ki Ho Lee
J Audiol Otol. 2000;4(1):21-26.
  • Spontaneous Upbeat Nystagmus and Selective Anterior Semicircular Canal Hypofunction on Video Head Impulse Test: A New Variant of Canalith Jam?. J Audiol Otol. [Epub ahead of print].
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