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The Hearing Results of Ossiculoplasty Using Long Columella and Total Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis
Yoon-Seok Choi, Jeong Hun Jang, Jae Chul Yoo, Sung Jun Park, Min-Su Kim, Jun Ho Lee, Seung Ha Oh, Sun O Chang
J Audiol Otol. 2010;14(2):115-119.
Comparison of Pure-Tone Thresholds and Click-Evoked Auditory Brain Stem Response Thresholds in Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Jae Suk Lee, Beom Gyu Kim, Il Seok Park, Yong Bok Kim, Tae-Won Jang, Sang Yong Oh
J Audiol Otol. 2010;14(2):110-114.
Efficacy of a Long Silastic Sheet for Middle Ear Aeration during Surgery for Chronic Otitis Media
Jun Sung Kim, Hyun-Seok Choi, Hyong-Ho Cho
J Audiol Otol. 2010;14(2):94-98.
Factors Influencing Hearing Outcomes after Ossiculoplasty Using Polycel<sup>®</sup> Prosthesis in Patients with Chronic Otitis Media
Ho Chan Kim, Myung Hoon Yoo, Woo Seok Kang, Joong Ho Ahn, Jong Woo Chung
J Audiol Otol. 2010;14(2):88-93.
Mechanisms of Active Process and Amplification in Cochlea
Chul-Hee Choi
J Audiol Otol. 2010;14(2):81-87.
Calibration of Pure Tone Audiometry and Speech Audiometry
Moo Kyun Park, Sung Won Chae
J Audiol Otol. 2009;13(2):108-111.
Effects of Narrow Band Masking CD Therapy in Patients with Tinnitus
Myung-Whan Suh, Sung-Won Chung, Hyun-Ju Lee, Jae-Yun Chung, Jung-Ku Lee
J Audiol Otol. 2009;13(1):31-35.
Correlation Between Volume and Viscosity of Middle Ear Fluid and the Tympanometric Parameters in Children with Otitis Media with Effusion
Young Seok Lee, Keun Young Lee, Young Mi Kim, Seok Hyun Cho, Chul Won Park, Seung Hwan Lee
J Audiol Otol. 2007;11(2):107-113.
Clinical and Audiological Analysis of Acute Low Tone Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Kyong-Myong Chon, Eui-Kyung Goh, Soo-Keun Kong, Kyu-Sup Cho, Sung-Soo Park
J Audiol Otol. 2006;10(1):54-61.
The Reliability of a Random Bekesy Audiometry
Youngjin Ahn, Sung Eun Kim, Chong-Sun Kim, Seung-Ha Oh
J Audiol Otol. 2006;10(1):40-45.
A Study of the Occlusion Effect for Completely-in-the-canal Hearing Aids as a Function of the Vent Length and Residual Volume
Sang Yeon Lee, Kyoung Won Lee, Junghak Lee
J Audiol Otol. 2005;9(2):175-179.
The Effect of Eustachian Tube Function on the Postoperative Result after Tympanoplasty
Jong-Sun Lee, Hyung-Jong Kim, Hyung Ro Chu, Jong-Bum Yoo
J Audiol Otol. 2005;9(2):167-174.
Significance of Screening Tests in Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Min Jung Cho, Keehyun Park, Yun Tae Kim, You Ree Shin, Seong Jun Choi, Yun-Hoon Choung
J Audiol Otol. 2005;9(1):83-88.
Prognostic Factors for Otitis Media with Effusion after Ventilation Tube Insertion
Sung Kwang Hong, Jin Hyung Chun, Hyun-Jeong Hong, Hyung-Jong Kim
J Audiol Otol. 2005;9(1):50-55.
  • The Impact of Optical Illusions on the Vestibular System. J Audiol Otol. 2021;25:152-158
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