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Auditory and vestibular disorders
Korean Journal of Audiology 2011;15(3):141-146.
Audiologic Results of Ossiculoplasty Using Malleus Footplate Assembly: The Comparison between Autologous Incus and Hydroxyapatite.
Sue Jean Mun, Joo Hyun Park, Chang Myeon Song, Kyu Hee Han, Jun Ho Lee, Seung Ha Oh, Sun O Chang
Department of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea. suno@plaza.snu.ac.kr
Absence of incus is one of the most common ossicular anomalies and also frequently found in chronic otitis media or chornic otitis media with cholesteatoma. Ossiculoplasty with malleus footplate assembly (MFA) can be an excellent option in the above situations. We reviewed our procedures and evaluated the hearing results of ossiculoplasty using the MFA. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: This study retrospectively reviews a series of 32 patients who underwent MFA ossiculoplasty between September 2001 and March 2010 in an academic tertiary referral center. The autologous incus or hydroxyapatite (HA) was used as materials for reconstruction.
Thirteen of 32 patients (40.6%) had ossicular chain anomaly, 9 patients (28.1%) had congenital cholesteatoma and 8 patients (25.0%) had chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma and 2 patients (6.3%) had chronic otitis media. The patients with ossicular chain ano-maly showed the greatest air-bone gap (ABG) closure. Overall, postoperative ABG was 17.7+/-11.7 dB at postoperative 6 months and 19.7+/-14.3 dB at postoperative 1 year, compared with preoperative ABG of 37.9+/-9.3 dB. There was no statistical difference of ABG at postoperative 12 months, 24 months between MFA using incus (n=17) and HA (n=15)(p=0.300, and p=0.563). There was no meaningful difference of postoperative ABG between the patients with combined mastoidectomy (n=10) and those without mastoidecmoy (n=22)(p=0.555). No extrusions occurred.
MFA can be an effective option in the case of absent incus expecting good postoperative hearing results.
Keywords: Malleus footplate assembly;Ossiculoplasty;Ossicular prosthesis;Incus;Hydroxyapatite


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